Ivan Tomica

Weechat IRC client with ZNC

Although I don’t use IRC as much as I used to do I still have ZNC set up to connect and keep me joined in channels. As Weechat is my preferred IRC client here are the settings I use to connect my accounts to the ZNC bouncer. Here’s further explanations

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Hide Tab-Bar in Firefox Quantum

When Firefox decided to change the shell of the browser and move to WebExtensions (same format of extensions as used by Chrome) you have not been able to change the interface as you wished anymore via browser extension. I was using TabMix Plus, and later one Tree Style Tab extensions

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Mutt – superb TUI email client

I’ve been using Mutt for quite some time now and I find it great due to many things such as: Very lightweight – I’m able to use it on any machine without making the machine unresponsive like with Thunderbird or Evolution when they decide to pull all of the 20-30

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